A Letter to BJP MP’s 2019

Dear MP’s from BJP+ 

Congratulations to all of you for your landslide victory and now soon you will get your roles as Ministers, parliamentarians, committee chairmen and roles in various constitutional posts.

Now as a Member of parliament when you walk through the corridors of parliament please don’t let your ego to think that you was the best in election. Most of you was dragged to the house by the people of your constituency in order to send Mr. Modi as head of State. High possibility is there that people who voted for you even don’t know your name in order to press lotus button.

Defeat of legendary  politicians like Shiela Dixit, Ajay Makan, Bhupendra Hooda, Deepender Hooda and so on are not due to your tough competition. the matter of fact is opposition was fighting against Narendra Modi on every seat in almost all constituencies. I personally believed that some of the defeated politicians has really worked hard for there people after that also they lost because of faceless opposition.

We know our country believes in revolutions. we want that some avtar should come and do miracles. so today we can say Mr. Modi is that Avtar. but tomorrow when some other Avtar in with some other face will come no Modi can help you out in that tough time but people of your constituency.

Now as you are fortunate enough to get entry to parliament on the shoulder of Mr. Modi. Please work for your people do raise their concerns to parliament visit your constituency and get some social and emotional involvement with your people because Mr. Modi will not be there forever and next time you will get judge by your performance not by Lotus.

Best of Luck 

An Indian Citizen & BJP Supporter.