EVM Ghotala: An Analysis

A review to short discussion hope it will be informative for all my friends.

EVM machines are manufactured by 2 companies in India BEL(80%) & ECIL (20%).

I was Working with BEL friends on some project few days back and discussion went to EVM machines and their authenticity.

Me: Do EVM machines can really get hacked or manipulated as blamed by various political parties??

BEL friend: No sir, it can’t because any kind of attempt to manipulate will lead EVM to non-functioning. Even if you try to unscrew the screw, machine software will get corrupted and it won’t work.

Me: why so much complain from political parties??

BEL friend: They have nothing to say when they win machine is fine if they loose they blame EVM.

Me: how you people convince politicians that machine is fine??

BEL friend: EC ensures parliamentary committee with lot of Demos where committee chairman is from opposition party. In committee he verifies and approves proper operational functioning and as they came to public they start blaming machine due to party influence.

Me: how long it will go...??

BEL friend: till they win 😭😂

So as long as democracy is there these kind of allegation and clarifications will be there and as a citizen of nation we should support incumbent government whom so ever is ruling country.